Our goal is to help you navigate the waters of business growth.

Opportunities, possibilities and ideas often come in unexpected places, through unexpected ways. For entrepreneurs, it is often the source for starting a new business, to grow as a brand or as motivation to always keep going. This is well needed when you look at all the challenges a entrepreneur faces.

The Docks brings together opportunities, expertise and a chunk of adventure in a variety of ways. Join a trade mission that goes beyond just shaking hands, put together your own package of tools, services and connections or go for the full internationalization journey. Even if you haven’t even thought about starting abroad or thought it wasn’t within the realm of possibility, The Docks will make sure you can grow in a structured and appropriate way. No more dreams, but rock-solid reality.

About Roland

"Who controls the media, controls the mind"

Roland Rutten is an entrepreneur and political strategist with experience at a local, national and international level as strategist and as concept developer. He was selected for the MTSprout 25 under 25 list: the list with the most talented entrepreneurs of the Netherlands and Belgium and for T500 2022 & 2023 of TNW/The Financial Times: the list with the most talented digital entrepreneurs of Europe.

About Pjotr

My passion is to create a sustainable future for businesses and communities alike. With a focus on innovation and strategic planning, I strive to help companies navigate the complexities of the business world and achieve their goals.

Pjotr Steinmetz is specialized in various fields such as product development, customer experience, business development, company formation, investment, and international business. Pjotr’s expertise extends to building ecosystems and sustainable communities. With his experience and knowledge, he helps companies grow and expand their reach globally.

About Laura

"The unmet needs of people are at the core of a trend, because people will always seek ways to fill a gap."

Laura Vermeulen is an entrepreneur and trend researcher. Laura focuses on the validation of data, trends and business models. At The Docks she is responsible for all data, trends and processes to use data as foundation for new innovations and concepts.