Orientation Trip

Join The Docks Orientation Trip to explore the options available to you. Look around, experience and discover what the world has to offer for your company or start-up. 

At Join The Docks, we understand that starting a company or a new venture can be an exhilarating yet challenging journey. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to embark on an Orientation Trip to explore the options available to your company or start-up. We believe that by immersing yourself in different environments, you can gain valuable insights, make important connections, and discover new possibilities for growth and success. 

Key features of the Trip

Networking opportunities

Connect with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and potential partners or investors during the trip. We organize networking events and facilitate meaningful interactions, allowing you to build a strong professional network that can open doors for collaborations and partnerships.

Visits and exceptional experiences

We believe in learning by doing. That's why our Orientation Trip includes visits to innovative companies, start-up hubs, and entrepreneurial centers. You'll get to see firsthand how successful businesses operate and gain insights into their strategies and best practices.

Workshops and seminars

Expand your knowledge and skill set through specialized workshops and seminars conducted by industry professionals. These sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to start-ups and companies, including market trends, funding options, marketing strategies, and more.

Cultural exchange

We believe that cultural immersion is a valuable part of any business journey. Along with business-related activities, our trip includes opportunities to explore local culture, cuisine, and traditions. This aspect enriches your experience and provides a well-rounded perspective on global business environments.

Exploration of global markets

Expand your perspective by exploring different international markets and understanding their dynamics. Our trip will take you to various destinations known for their vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems, giving you a firsthand experience of the opportunities available.

Join The Orientation Trip

The Orientation Trip open to both early-stage start-ups and established companies looking to explore new markets or expand their operations. We strive to create a supportive and collaborative environment where participants can learn from each other and forge lasting connections.