The Docks

The Docks brings together opportunities, expertise and a chunk of adventure in a variety of ways. Join a trade mission that goes beyond just shaking hands, put together your own package of tools, services and connections or go for the full internationalization journey. Even if you haven’t even thought about starting abroad or thought it wasn’t within the realm of possibility, The Docks will make sure you can grow in a structured and appropriate way. No more dreams, but rock-solid reality.

Become a partner

The Docks is a foundation who supports companies, government and investors by developing accelerator programmes and organising trade missions. For further growth and to give full support to applicants we are supported financially and operationally by partners.

  • Budget for trade missions.
  • Budget for accelerator programmes.
  • Budget for organising events and more.

Easy Sponsor

As a Easy Sponsor you have the possibility to send one start-up on a trade mission and sign up for the accelerator programme. A start-up can come from our database or from you own network.

  • 1 start-up tickets for trade mission and accelerator programme (including hotel and flight)
  • 2 tickets for the exclusive partner event and insight newsletter.
  • Basic part in several ways in our marketing and PR in Europe and Asia.